July 22, 2024

It has been awhile since Brett Hansen last drove a late model. But watching him behind the wheel Saturday you would never know it.

After running second on Friday night, Hansen raced to victory in the Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series feature Saturday at Thunderbird Speedway.

It was Hansen’s first career Sooner Series victory.

“For my second night out in a late model I will take it all day long,” said Hansen who was racing modifieds last season. “I had one (a late model) seven or eight years ago and raced it a half a dozen times then it kind of fizzled out around here.”

Hansen moved to modifieds and won the Outlaw Motor Speedway championship last season. But he missed the speed and power of a late model.

“About Christmas time we got the whim and bought one and put the modified on the side,” Hansen said of his desire to drive late models again.

“These big cars are fun. They are race cars. They are built to go fast.”

And Hansen was plenty fast. Starting outside second row, Hansen chased early leader Troy Bynum for two laps then stormed into the lead and pulled away over the next 23 laps for the win.

“The track tonight was awesome,” Hansen said. “It just took patience and not being too aggressive. Twenty-five laps is plenty of time.”

Friday night winner Hayden Ross took over second from Bynum on lap 9 and tried to reel in Hansen till a yellow flag sent him to the rear on lap 14. Kip Hughes took over second on the restart, but could not catch Hansen. Ross charged his way back through the field to third, eighth starting Kearney Weaver finished eighth and Bynum dropped to fifth.

Complete Well Testing Sooner Late Model Series Results
Thunderbird Speedway, Muskogee, Okla.
March 26, 2022

Complete Well Testing A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 7H-Brett Hansen[4]; 2. 60-Kip Hughes[2]; 3. 66-Hayden Ross[3]; 4. 23-Kerney Weaver[8]; 5. 81-Troy Bynum[1]; 6. 33-Steven Hawkins[7]; 7. 65-Eric Brill[5]; 8. 31-Gary Lowe[12]; 9. 5R-Kaleb Roach[6]; 10. 84-Gary Kilbourn[9]; 11. 51-Eddie Martin[10]; 12. 11-Dustin Allen[11]

O’Reilly Auto Parts Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 60-Kip Hughes[5]; 2. 81-Troy Bynum[2]; 3. 65-Eric Brill[3]; 4. 33-Steven Hawkins[4]; 5. 84-Gary Kilbourn[6]; 6. 11-Dustin Allen[1]

Design One Race Wear Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 66-Hayden Ross[4]; 2. 7H-Brett Hansen[6]; 3. 5R-Kaleb Roach[2]; 4. 23-Kerney Weaver[1]; 5. 51-Eddie Martin[3]; 6. 31-Gary Lowe[5]??Lap Leaders: Troy Bynum 1-2, Brett Hansen 3-25.

Top 10 Standings: 1. Brett Hansen 725; 2. Hayden Ross 715; 3. Troy Bynum 660; 4. Kip Hughes 650; 5. Kerney Weaver 580; 6. Kaleb Roach 575; 7. Gary Lowe 550; 8. Eddie Martin 545; 9. Eric Brill 520; 10. Gary Kilbourn 520.

2022 Winners: 3/25 – Hayden Ross (Thunderbird Speedway); 3/26 – Brett Hansen (Thunderbird Speedway).

About Complete Well Testing
Based in Oklahoma, Complete Well Testing is a family owned and operated company specializing in hydrostatic tubing testing and EMI tubing scanning.

About Sooner Late Model Series
The Sooner Late Model Series was formed in 2016 by Enid Speedway co-promoter Mark Brill. Brill felt there was not many opportunities for late model competitors to race in Oklahoma and the Sooner Late Model Series was formed. Now the series has grown beyond the borders of Oklahoma with events held in the neighboring states of Kansas, Texas and Arkansas as well.