May 29, 2024

Mike (Fuzzy) Withrow, co-owner of The Speedway Grille and long time racer has agreed to take on the role of promoter at the Historic Thunderbird Speedway.

Fuzzy has been racing for nearly 45 years with a background starting in motorcycles and wrapping up in stock cars. He filled the seat for car builder Mike Boyd and these two had a great owner driver relationship that lasted for decades. You can hear many of these racing stories and adventures while he cooks you up a burger down at the Speedway Grille.

Fuzzy has many stories about Thunderbird Speedway because this is where he grew up watching racing and where he recalls catching the racing bug and love for the sport and the speedway itself. Fuzzy recalls how he got the name Fuzzy back when he raced motorcycles. ” We had 4 guys that were all named Mike and so we came up with names for each other,” he said. ” I happened to have long hair back in those days and when I put a helmet on all that hair just stuck out the back and when where it went. It just kinda got all fuzzed up and they have called me Fuzzy every since.”

Fuzzy is excited to have the opportunity take the wheel, so to speak, as promoter of the track. “More cars and more fans is what my goal is. We have to make this a team effort” said Fuzzy. ” We have a great track thats in a great town full of great fans and drivers. We have something for people to see here. We will run our shows on time and we will give our fans great racing.”

The 2019 season schedule is starting to take shape and drivers can look forward to seeing the release of that schedule in the next 30 to 45 days. We look forward to seeing all our fans and drivers soon!