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Thunderbird Speedway Driver of the Week.

Thunderbird Speedway Driver of the Week.

Brett Hansen
Fort Gibson
#7H B-Mod and A-mod
Sponsors: York Street Tire, Bravado Wireless, James Hodge Ford, Turf Specialists, Wheeler Metals, BMS Racing Engines, Marvins Mowers and Outdoors, Advantage Pest Control, Ross Contruction, GSE Contruction.

Brett Hansen now pilots two open wheel modifieds this year, but he got started in a enduro car. He was always a racing fan, and decided he give the sport a shot in 2009. The next year he brought an E-mod to the track. The year after that he was wheeling an A-mod. “That’s what got the bug going even worse, its all downhill from there”.

His first win was at Thunderbird speedway in 2010 when the track reopened for a few years. He recalled many races when he and other drivers stayed side by side for 20 laps. “ It’s always a good race, 3-4 wide and we never touch”.
Teamwork is a big influence for the 7H crew. “The bug of racing, hanging out with family and friends, working on it together as a team, and accomplishing goals”.

Hansen pulls double duty on and off the track, not only racing two classes of cars but also likes to spend time fishing with his son. Since May 1st the two have participated in fishing tournaments every weekend. With some 2nd and 3rd place weigh-ins, they will continue to try for the big one in the Rising Stars tournaments at a lake near you.

Brett sits 3rd on the points board, Totaling 3 top 5 finishes, one of them was a 2nd place finish in the B-mod. For his first time out this year the A-mod proved it was fast last week. Finishing 2nd behind the always quick 4w. Keep an eye on the 7H this year. Your Driver of the Week, Brett Hansen.